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It’s not: The client. And. The staff. It’s us and you together. Why us? You might think. Why us over the myriad others in the wide gamut of senior living arrangements out there? Yes. We know there are many choices. It is therefore our honor to show you why choosing Stone Ledge Manor for you or your loved one is not just picking a paper out of a hat. With us, it’s not just about the physical wellbeing of our clients. We deliver a higher quality of life. Our boutique facility is a unique social setting that initiates friendships and a feeling of community without compromising on anything else. Take a quick glance at our outline of amenities and services. Notice how focused we are on emotional and recreational needs as well as the healthcare assistance we offer.


The Atlantis Experience

Dine like a king. Our in-house, talented chefs will have you wining and dining like royalty with heavenly but healthy cuisine. Dishes that will whet your appetite and keep you satisfied, catered to your preferences.

Live like a Queen. No more menial tasks for you. With our proficient housekeeping crew, you can sit back and relax and never clean a mess again. Be pampered like a princess. With salon services at your doorstep, you’ll always look and feel beautiful. Be treated like a Prince. With our medication management services, shower assistance, memory care and any other. therapy or aid you might need, You’ll always be looked after and taken care of.

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