Additional Resources

Still looking for answers regarding moving into an assisted care community? View our additional resources below regarding all topics about the transition. If you continue to have questions, don’t hesitate to reach out. Our expert, caring team always looks forward to addressing your questions or concerns. 

woman outside at assisted living community

How to Choose an Assisted Living Community

Not sure what to look for in an assisted living community? Let us help you discover all aspects and decisions involved in the process. We want to make sure you have all your options covered.

It’s important to make the right decision when transitioning into senior care and we know it can get confusing! Learn about the difference between assisted living and independent living for you or a loved it. 

What Are My Financial Options for Assisted Living?

If you’re just starting the process of looking for an assisted living community, it’s important to understand your financial options first. Learn more here about various ways to pay for assisted living.